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February 2022 

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh 

Crisis: A Rallying Cry was devised by the

With writing and dramaturgical support from
Iona Ramsay
Directed by Fraser Scott
Produced by Josie Young in association with
Kick the Door

Production Design by Fraser Lappin
Funded by Creative Scotland



Eve Dixon Batchelor and Kathleen Irvine, Photographed by Tiu Makkonen


Exploring climate change and mental health, the ensemble has brought their own opinions and experiences to our sessions over the following week to depict what’s really going on in the lives of young people.

Crisis: A Rallying Cry is a piece of new theatre that explores the personal, political, and scientific resonance of the multitude of crises within our society. It’s been a rough few years, and we’re scared it might not get better.

This is the reality of the pandemic-prodigies whose future lies on the fault lines of impending lockdowns, government scandals, and Jeff-Bezos-supremacy.

'Crisis' was described as a 'powerful and well shaped cry for help' in a four star review from The Scotsman, read the full article here: Theatre reviews: Moorcroft & Crisis: A Rallying Cry

Creative Scotland has also published a feature on our project which you can view here: Reflecting on Crisis: A Rallying Cry

Finally, visit Crisis' website to view more information on the project: Crisis: A Rallying Cry 


Anna Horsburgh Photographed by Tiu Makkonen

The company of Crisis: A Rallying Cry Photographed by Tiu Makkonen

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