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March 2019

Actor, Writer & Choreographer


Directed by Scott Johnston

Mental was a show that explored the ins and outs of the word Mental. The company referred the their own stories and experiences and made the show what we wanted it to be. It showed the experience of young people in Scotland and how they view the world they live in. 

The piece was a cabaret of comedy sketches, physical theatre and monologues that showcased the range of talent within our company. Josie contributed to choreography throughout and was responsible for one main dance number. She also wrote two pieces, most notably 'Being Woman' a short poem that projected the experiences of woman involving every woman in the company. 

Dear Audience Member,

We started with the word mental. A word that we knew, and we thought understood. From there we shared and created around our thoughts associated with the word and what mental meant for us.

We’re excited for you to see it. And after all this time I don’t think we ever truly understood the word mental. But we never needed to. What we do understand is that each and every one of us is mental in our own way, whatever that may be, in the stories we have, the experiences have lived, the way we hold ourselves, speak and breathe. We are unapologetically mental.

Yours Truly,

The Cast of Mental.

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