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Them and Us and You and Me

January 2020


Directed by Peter Machen

Them and Us and You and Me was performed at The Studio @ Festival Theatre and was apart of a double bill named, Art in Motion, and also featured work from other Company Chimera members.  

This segment of the show was exploring social media and the idea of the 'self' on social media and how this differs from our true self. It featured a mix of physical theatre and text work that had been created by the director. Together individuals from dance and acting disciplines worked together to blur the lines between the two groups and become a company of performers. 

The story shows individuals that are lost in their own world and are physically taking on the grotesque form of their social media self. Through the use of movement and dialogue, the piece explores the gaps between people and the exhaustion that came about constantly pretending to be something else. In the end, we must eventually come together and recognise the truth that we are all the same and that we aren't' separate. 

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