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Mental dress rehearsal directed by Scott Johnston


Artistic Statement

Josie Young is a theatre maker and performer currently based in Glasgow. Her work aims to support and vocalize the issues of young people across Scotland. Together they construct narratives from their own stories in a way that will empower and inspire them to out and continue to make their own art. 

From the stories that they have created, Josie leads workshops with college graduates to develop their ideas further. Using physical theatre, devising and the use of multi-media, stories are portrayed that is made by young people across Scotland that tackles taboos and social issues surrounding what it means to be young, and living in Scotland. 


Guiding Principals

  • Josie believes that every young person in Scotland is entitled to a creative sanctuary where they a free to express and explore free from judgement or opinions.

  • She wants to create ensemble dynamics within every group she works with, creating a group of people who are sync with each other and can achieve complicite in all her work. 

  • The work that is created is striving to empower young audiences, showing issues that is important to them and hearing their own voices echoed within it. 

  • Diversity within the voices she works with is hugely important, the variety of work created should be accessible and speak across many intersections. 

  • At the heart of her work she wants to show female and queer stories from across Scotland, exposing truths and spreading love and positivity surrounding being within these communities and embracing the pride that comes with it. 

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